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Why do larger companies advertise even though they may already exceed their sales expectations? It's not just about sales — it's about recognition and branding. Consistent blogs, social media posts, and promotions burn an image in the customer's mind and influence their buying decision. Unfortunately, many small businesses find marketing expensive and time-consuming, so they slap a logo on a website and wait for new customers. Conventional marketing such as flyers, mailers, and magazines was expensive, and the degree of success could not be measured.

Sirkle's new digital marketing strategy empowers small businesses to express their company's niche and advance in today's crowded market. Sirkle allows business owners to adjust their involvement and budget accordingly. The goal is to create impressive branding to gain a competitive advantage over rivals and grow your circle of clients.

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Mobile devices and social media have drastically changed people’s lifestyles and expectations. For visitors, traditional websites with too much material were more confusing than informative. People want simplicity, accessibility, and credibility. The website should describe your specific products or services and be a resource for self-service customer support.

By filling out a short form, Sirkle automatically creates a miniWebPage or an interactive advanced website for you. No knowledge of graphic design or technical background is needed.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 or a one-man-show business, you need to have an ongoing marketing strategy. Repetition, consistency, and branding will produce awareness and increase credibility for your business.

Sirkle provides you with the right tools to promote your business with cost-effective solutions. Creating promotions and sharing them through different channels can either be self-managed or done by Sirkle, depending on your marketing strategy and budget. In either case, our experienced staff is on standby to assist you.

Create promotional eGift cards, eCoupons, or Special Offers and share them on social media.

Create unlimited blogs and promote a specific product or service on one page (landing Page).

Create prepaid branded eGift cards and sell them directly to your customers.


As a VIP member, Sirkle handles all the work for you! We build a website and enhance it with the best keywords, descriptions, and search engines optimized. We will create and/or manage all your business social media accounts with frequent advertising posts for the highest exposure. We will create eGift Cards, eCoupons, Special Offers, and Blogs on your behalf (with your prior approval) and post them on social media accordingly.

Premium account subscribers can enjoy all features of the Standard account while Sirkle provides SEO optimized website content, images, and the tools necessary to create an interactive website. Sirkle assists you to create branded eGift cards, eCoupons, Special Offers, and Blogs, without design experience or technical background. You will be able to share those promotions on any social media of your choice. Those promotions will carry your logo and Terms and Conditions. Use Sirkle to stay in touch with your clients through email or SMS without compromising your privacy. Adding followers to your business allows you to measure your marketing efforts effectively.

The Standard account allows you to build a miniWebPage (Digital business card) within minutes or an advanced website without requiring any design experience or technical skills. Easily manage your website' title, description, keywords, images, and content at any time. Get in touch with your clients and followers through Sirkle’s internal messaging feature.

Why Sirkle?

Why spend thousands of dollars to create static websites with high monthly fees when Sirkle offers interactive websites at a fraction of the cost? Why avoid marketing because of high costs or hire expensive marketers when you can do it at a fraction of the cost? Why not transfer those savings to your customers instead? With Sirkle, you don't need any knowledge of marketing, design, or technical background. Should you need any advice or assistance, Sirkle will guide you through the process step-by-step; or if you prefer, with our VIP plan, Sirkle will completely manage your marketing for you.

Sirkle is the only social media designed specifically for small businesses. Sirkle allows you to increase your followers and interact with them directly. Create and share your own branded eGifts, eCoupons, or Special Offers. Sirkle empowers small businesses, thus, they can handle their marketing strategy for the highest return with minimum price.

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