Best Small Business 2023 Marketing Strategy

Here are some tips for excellent marketing planning in 2023. Create a marketing strategy that is unique to your business and its goals.

2022: Strengths and Weaknesses

This year, you may have made some progress with your online sales; however, your social media campaigns were inconsistent and did not help generate leads or conversions. Set goals to leverage and transform your strengths and weaknesses! Start by identifying the areas where your business is weak and where opportunities exist.


Become familiar with your industry landscape. Do you know what your competitors are doing? If not, then find out! The moves that other players make can influence your business. Has a competitor started offering a service you are unfamiliar with? It's time to investigate. Ask your customers if they would be interested in the new offering.

Get to know your customers!

It is important to know as much as possible about your customers. If you haven't done any research on them, now might be a good time. You can use an email survey online, your company's e-newsletter or an online survey tool like Google Forms for Business or Survey Monkey.

Drive your strategy with Customer Insights

Getting to know your customers should help your product managers, sales representatives, and operations make important decisions. The best way to find out is to ask customers. They may prefer more hands-on installation help, or to be able to chat with representatives after purchase.

The importance of first-party data is increasing. With an email newsletter or an invitation to join a list for special promotions to capture email addresses or phone numbers (for a text campaign), you can create value for your business by connecting directly with your customers. You can also use an email list to target audiences in online advertising.

Increasing the number of customer emails will probably be a strategic goal for many businesses in 2023. On your website, you can use an email capture pop-up to capture email, offer tempting content for download (in exchange for email), or promote your email subscriptions on social media platforms.

Identifying goals

Your next step should be to set some goals. Your goals may be to increase market share by a certain amount, increase revenue in certain areas (or overall), or introduce your business to a new audience.

Then, reallocate your marketing budget to support your new goals. Once that is done, select marketing channels and tactics that will help you achieve those goals.

Are you wondering if you should be on TikTok in 2022? Review your goals carefully. If you want to reach a younger audience with your business, TikTok is an excellent platform. Ask yourself this question: “Are my customers or potential new customers using this platform?” Decide how you will approach this problem.

The company once hired us to do research and we discovered that 30% of their customers didn't buy because they didn't know enough about it. In order to make learning about the product easy and fun, the content strategy expanded to include more informational pieces, accessible videos, and website stories.

Using Facebook audience insights as an example, we were able to identify customers' top interests. With aligned content, your audience will be engaged and your customer growth will increase. By aligning your content with your customers' wants, you will see increased audience engagement and customer growth.

A quick overview!

The following should be included in a Strategic Marketing Plan for 2023:

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, customer insights, and competitor insights to help you set goals
  • Goals for 2023
  • Choose marketing tactics that support your objectives

Examples of marketing tactics: e-mail marketing, coupons, rewards programs, social media marketing, paid and organic social media campaigns, location-based digital advertising, YouTube advertising, public relations, Google searches and display campaigns, improved website features, chat, text marketing, and virtual reality marketing.

  • Make sure your marketing budget supports your goals by reallocating it
  • Plan your tactics throughout the year, using a schedule.
  • Take into account the timing and frequency of each tactic
  • Improve new ideas
  • Inform your team and marketing agency about your goals for 2023!

We can help you develop a marketing strategy for 2023 if you would like. Got questions? Visit us @ and we’re happy to help. 

Thursday, December 8, 2022
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