Digital Business Cards: 7 Advantages

We highlight some of the most relevant advantages of digital business cards in this article.

Using digital business cards is the new trend.

Due to their fast, convenient, and secure sharing of professional information, they are conquering the market. As technology becomes more prevalent in people's daily lives, some habits need to be modified to stay current with new trends and keep up with the current digital age.

Here are seven reasons why digital business cards are becoming increasingly popular:

1. Retention Of Business Cards Delivered And Received Increased

It is estimated that 88% of traditional business cards distributed are discarded. Not because the person who delivered it was uninterested in it, but because they lack a place to store and organize them. Consequently, the card cannot be found when the person actually needs it.

The convenience of digital business cards lets you easily save and store them on your phone. Whenever you need them, you will be able to find them easily.

2. Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly

Two trees are saved for every 100 customers who use the digital business card. In this way, with the adoption of digital cards, your company and you will help preserve the environment.

3. Engaging

Using a digital card, you can make calls, send emails, and access social media with just one click. As a result, making calls becomes much easier, and you don't risk making an unwanted call by dialing the wrong number.

4. Sharing Is Unlimited

Suppose you meet someone at an event. The person is interested in your service and asks for your professional contact information after you mention your job. After checking your pockets, you realize you don't have your business cards because you thought you wouldn't need them. You lose a potential lead or customer because of this slip up. Having a digital business card on your cell phone would have prevented this from happening.

5. Changeable

The old business cards must be thrown away if your phone number or other information changes. Digital cards make it easier and faster to make these updates, since they are instantaneous. Additionally, it's economical, since you won't need to print more cards. Besides being environmentally friendly, they are also economical.

6. Impressive

Your digital business card will make an impact when presented in a creative and innovative manner.

"No, I have something better", say when asked if you have business cards. Afterward, present your digital business card. An interesting way to start a conversation, this response catches the other person's attention.

7. Enhances Business Opportunities

Because your cards are digital, you can share them with people who live far away. In this way, you become more comprehensive in your networking, and it is not limited to those close to you. You can send your data using WhatsApp, social networks, e-mail and SMS, as well as sharing it through other means on the internet.

With all the advantages of digital business cards presented, it's clear to see that it's worthwhile to have one. Creation is already performed by several companies, some of which offer it for free, like us! Let's get started, shall we? Sign up for Sirkle.. Sirkle. offers free Digital Business Cards. Got questions?

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Thursday, July 14, 2022
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