How to Sell More eGift Cards on Social Media

People are changing their buying patterns as the world changes rapidly. Instead of buying at local stores and online, they are now purchasing everything they need online. A company's reputation matters to people, no matter how close or how far away it is from them. In times when many businesses, large and small, found themselves struggling, people bought gift cards as a way to show loyalty and support for their favorite businesses.

According to a survey, 54% of people who plan to buy digital gift cards are interested in buying one from a business they care about.

Through their social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram are helping small businesses sell more gift cards.

Small businesses can ask for help on two of the biggest social media platforms today for free.

What are some ways you can use social media to sell more gift cards?

Be sure to include it in your business profile

You can increase your gift card sales by letting customers know you sell them. A Gift Card button can now be added to your Instagram business profile thanks to Instagram's new feature. Once you register with a certified partner on Facebook, your gift cards will be automatically featured to everyone in the area (based on the ZIP code of the Facebook user). Your store will be exposed automatically, but there are no other ways to promote gift cards on your business page besides this. To purchase a Gift Card, try changing your call-out button.

As a way to support your business, post on your Instagram and Facebook accounts that you are selling gift cards.

Spread the Word​

Instagram Stories are used by 500 million people every day, and 1 in 4 people look for products or services they wish to purchase through Stories. What could be a better way to let your fans know you sell gift cards? With our new gift card sticker, you'll be able to inform your followers you're selling gift cards and let them purchase them directly on Instagram.

You can reach new customers by asking your followers to share your gift card sticker on their stories, and you can offer them a gift card as a token of appreciation. By doing so, you will gain new followers and reach more people. By sharing your Gift Card sticker, you are basically telling your followers - I'm buying from this brand, and so should you.

Make use of your community

People from your community are most likely to support your brand, the people you see on the street as you walk by.

Post in your community group on Facebook that you miss seeing them every day and that they can help you out by buying a gift card. Provide a link to your gift card product page on Facebook.

Proactively think creatively and boldly

It is great to sell gift cards, but if no one knows you are selling them, you might as well not sell them at all.

Give your loyal customers an extra incentive to buy gift cards from you by using email marketing or SMS marketing. Place a poster in your shop window, or place a pop-up banner on your home page.

Show your followers the different sides of you and your brand. You can also give them an inside look at how your new collection is created. Don't do the same thing twice! Be creative!

Use social media to get more customers by pushing your limits and trying out new things. You can mention your gift cards as a way to support your business by going live and discussing your product, your struggles, or even your family and how it has been for you.

Our future depends on each other

In these days of social media, anyone can be a friend, and anyone can reach out to help, even when it seems there's nothing more to do.

Come out on top by using your social connections.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022
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