Landing Page vs. Website: Which Will Drive More Sales in 2022?

A website can be a powerful tool for your business. Lead generation software acts as a 24/7 salesperson, attracting leads, nurturing them, and helping your sales team convert them into customers. There are two types of pages that do the work for you when it comes to educating visitors and generating new sales: website pages and landing pages.

You can get the results that you want by combining these two types of pages. However, which one should you use as part of your 2022 strategy to drive more sales?

Landing Pages vs. Website Pages

You need to remember that landing pages and website pages have very different objectives in the buyer's journey.

Let's look at how each page drives sales from the website.

Landing Pages

Visitors are directed to a landing page so they can take action after viewing the page.

The primary purpose of landing pages is to support social media campaigns, email campaigns and paid search campaigns. The purpose is to increase traffic by directing visitors to landing pages.

Landing Page Funnels

This funnel includes elements that drive traffic to a landing page, convert that traffic, and then assist in moving the viewer to the next step.

Step 1: Drive Traffic

Posting on Facebook is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Additionally, calling-to-action graphics or links can be added to another piece of content to achieve the same result.

Step 2: Convert Traffic

Once your landing page is visited, this traffic can now be converted into a lead. The objective of the landing page is to convert traffic into leads. A web page is designed to persuade the visitor to provide their contact information in order to receive a valuable offer.

An interactive element may be included in landing pages, depending on their complexity.

Step 3: The Next Step

Having converted on the landing page, it's time to present an offer and move on to the next step.

Thank-you pages are typically the next step. A link or instructions will be provided on the thank-you page so that you can access the offer. For example, you might be told to check your inbox for the message. As a result of opting-in on this offer, this thank-you page will also contain information about another offer, product, or service that the lead may find valuable.

Remember to keep them focused on the offer that you are presenting when using landing pages to increase sales. Following the conversion, you should have a plan for nurturing your leads and turning them into sales.

Website Pages

Typically, the majority of your website is made up of website pages. Pages on your website such as your homepage, about us, contact us, conversion pages, and buyer journey pages make up these business pages.

Websites are built with them as the basic building blocks. All of these pages will work together to offer a seamless experience across all buyer stages.

The bottom of the funnel questions will be used to boost traffic, inform visitors, and increase sales opportunities. The majority of your website pages will be designed to position your solution and establish the costs associated with not buying.

Examples of Website Pages

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important pages that a business website should include.


In order for the buyer journey to be complete, your website's homepage promotes all stages. A strong message that supports your value proposition should appear in your value proposition. A call to action that emphasizes benefits should be included in your value proposition. Social proof such as customer testimonials and quotes should also be included.

Conversion and Pricing Pages

Through your conversion and pricing pages, visitors will gain an understanding of your solution's benefits. Initially, the homepage will serve as an introduction, but these pages will go into more detail.

In their presentation, they convey what the product or service is, why the visitor should buy it, what they will receive from purchasing it, and how the visitor can get it.

Resource & Educational Pages

Additional resources and educational pages will also be included on your website. A blog article, pillar page, or frequently asked questions page are some resources that provide information to your visitors.

Legalese Pages

There is also a good chance your website will contain legal pages such as your privacy policy and usage terms. Visitors are informed of their rights in relation to the content on these pages and how your brand is protected.

Unlike visitors to a typical website, average website visitors do not see much difference between landing pages and website pages, but they will follow the flow of the page. These pages can maximize your online marketing efforts and help you grow your business.

To boost conversions and your company's results, you'll need to build those pages on a strong platform.

Sirkle provides unlimited landing pages and can help you with both. Aside from creating unlimited landing pages, you can integrate Sirkle into any website. This will create user-friendly landing pages for your website that are similar to blogs.

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Friday, June 17, 2022
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