Sales VS Branding

"Sales and branding" are two terms that confuse many companies. It's like not knowing the difference between a knife and a fork even though both are utensils. Clearly, branding and sales are two separate things. Does your company want to convert or create an experience? The latter wins every time.

The right understanding of branding allows people to identify the best product or service for them and their needs. Providing something someone needs or wants is what is meant by the term sales. However, before they can make a sale, they need to discover what they want or need. Each activity (sales and branding) contributes to the process. They overlap at this point.

The main difference between them is:

One tries to provide as much useful information as possible to help.

The other attracts people to assist in closing the deal (the sale).

Sales And Branding: A Problem

The problem begins when companies try to brand something; they often look at what other companies have done and then "do their own version" of it.

It's not leading. It's following. It's copying. Copycatting.

This is a failure of differentiation (which is why brands exist in the first place).

Furthermore, as you read what was written above, you'll also discover it's a failure to create an experience and settle instead for a short-term look (at what may otherwise blossom into a lifetime friendship).

Branding is a long-term strategy.

When it comes to sales, it's frequently a short-term play.

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Monday, May 30, 2022
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