The Importance Of Social Blogging

Getting your name out on the internet in the early days of digital content creation was as simple as starting your own blog. The benefits of a blog are still relevant today, but starting one from scratch requires additional effort and time to grow your audience. With social blogging, you can get eyeballs on your articles and grow your readership by combining the benefits of a blog with a pre-curated and interested audience. Today, we're covering topics like:

Why Should You Blog Socially?

Microblogging, or social blogging, is a subset of regular blogging that emphasizes shorter word counts and more media. Features of social blog posts include:

  • In a few words
  • Images on their own
  • Websites
  • A video
  • Graphics
  • Animations
  • Video Footage

There have been several studies indicating that our attention spans have decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in the last few years as a result of people's changing attention spans. People enjoy the ease and convenience of shorter content because it's more approachable. The actual number is not that important. Some sources tried to disprove this exact number. It doesn't really matter what the actual number is.

Social blogging is primarily used for marketing purposes since it provides news, events, and timely or relevant topics. A social blog has many things in common with social media, including allowing you to share information in real-time. It also addresses issues that matter to your target audience.

Compared to legacy blogging, social blogging is more social

In comparison with traditional or legacy blogging, social blogging has the following differences:


In legacy blogs, you often own the little space on the internet that you have claimed. In addition to paying for your domain name and space, you also own the content you create and share on your blog. This is a very important feature for marketers. They also value the ability to customize their blog site and space. They can also write about topics of their choosing without much or any restrictions. A host site's terms of service or character limit may affect your social blogging, as well as the design format.

The same social handle should be claimed on all social networks where you plan to post for your company if you plan to blog on social media. To prevent someone else from making a handle and posting content your business would not approve, it's a good idea to claim your handle on platforms you don't plan on growing.

Lifestyles and habits of consumption

In traditional blogs, readers can usually read just one blog article at a time, since when you open a blog, you’re on a single page. Social blogging allows you to look at a number of pieces at once, or in rapid succession, depending on how long and how the site is formatted. The use of feed-based services makes it even easier. A social blog usually has shorter content, which makes browsing through multiple pieces easier.

Marketing benefits from this because it enables you to create series, like numerous short educational videos that consumers can watch quickly on their smartphones.

Communication directly

It's easier to understand who your audience is when you work with a legacy blog. In legacy blogs, you have a target audience in mind, but you're writing to avoid it. Yes, they have features like the comments section, which lets you understand who reads your content better. But social blogging makes it easier.

These platforms show you a list of people who follow your content. You can learn more about them by clicking and browsing their profiles. Social blogs show you how your content is interacting with and being reacted to. They allow for real-time communication. Both parties benefit from this, strengthening their relationship.

Channel count

Legacy blogs serve as a central hub for all your content pieces. Even if your content is syndicated, it all links back to one website. The social blogging platform allows you to conduct different, individual blogging on separate platforms or you may still have one central content hub. In the case of social blogging, you might share similar content on Twitter and Instagram while creating your own unique feed.

You should evaluate each platform independently of the others if you want to reach your potential and target audiences. Also, keep in mind that despite the audience being the same, their intent is different on each platform. Take note of the way your audience uses the platform, the type of content that works on that network, the way you can tell a story, and the way your audience consumes it.

Compared to social media, what is social blogging?

There are several similarities between social blogging and social media, although there are some minor differences, such as:

Systems and platforms

Several popular social media platforms and apps are suitable for social blogging, including Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. However, not all social media platforms are suitable for social blogging. The downside of Snapchat is that you cannot maintain a continuous stream of posts, so you might not be able to use it for social blogging. Unlike Medium, which focuses on articles and longer-form content, you would not use Medium for social media.

Different types of content

It is possible to share similar content on your social media feeds as well as your social blog. You can use text posts, images, links, and video clips. Your content may also have a similar theme. This type of content uses trendy or timely topics and offers immediate value to the audience. You can use both types to announce upcoming events or special projects related to your brand, such as previewing upcoming events.


The use of social blogging may appeal to a wider demographic than social media sites, even though anyone can read a blog or be on social media. Many workers in the technology sector, for example, work in social media. No matter where your social blog is hosted, you can get people from a variety of age brackets or locations if your blog focuses on those topics.

You might post content on a specific platform, but if your audience isn't interested in it, you might not reach them, even if you are doing everything else right.

Is Social Blogging Right for Me?

You may wonder how or why social blogging fits into your content marketing strategy if you already have a legacy blog or do social media marketing. Here are a few benefits:


By doing social blogging, you get to do what you like about blogging without having to deal with the difficult aspects. For example, if you enjoy research, writing, or selecting media, you can still do those things. But in order to reach out and get your content in front of the right people, you don't have to put out as much effort. Each social blogging service offers tools and algorithms that can be used to tag and boost posts to specific segments of your audience.

Frequency of posts

In order to make more of your content, you do not have to put as much effort into creating and sharing it. By being more productive, you keep your brand and name recognition top of mind by putting out more articles. You can stick to a consistent publishing schedule easier when you know how much time you have to create content.

The formality of the material

A blog post is normally less formal than other types of content. Compare it to a white paper, an eBook, or an article that is more informative or instructional. You can take a more casual tone with your audience when you add a social element to blogging. As opposed to some other marketing channels, this channel may allow you to share things that are still appropriate, but not as strictly professional.

In addition to using GIFs, emojis, short one-liners, and memes, you can reinforce this relaxed tone. Writing and marketing can be more fun and exciting if you combine these elements with your sense of humor, interest in trends, or even pop culture. Social blogging spaces encourage these elements.

Besides producing content for social blogging, CopyPress also creates content that can be used to promote your website or downloads. In order to help you create content that will get you noticed, we will help you create a style guide together with you, capturing your brand voice and style preferences. You will then be paired with a team of writers, editors, and quality assurance professionals.

Accessibility on mobile devices

The majority of web traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices, so if you don't optimize your content for mobile viewing, you are sabotaging your own marketing efforts. The majority of social blogging channels are designed with a mobile-first mindset. You can use them without even entering a web browser since many of them have apps for your devices that are optimized for mobile use.

Following trends

By utilizing some of the features of social media, you can include your pieces in content collectives by using hashtags or categorization within the platforms. By including a hashtag in your social blog post description, you can get it to appear in suggestion feeds, curated updates, or similar lists, just as you would with social media posts. By doing so, you will reach a wider audience on the platform, thereby growing your audience.

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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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