What is the Importance of Website Interactivity?

Internet content is often interactive. In addition to pressing "like" buttons, you can add comments to blog posts and participate in polls or surveys. A company might even allow you to chat directly with an employee through live chat, or you might be able to participate in forums and engage in social networks. There are many ways to be interactive.

However, most interaction appears to take place on social networks or forums. Businesses tend to have static websites, with little interaction other than sending emails or filling out forms.

That's not good. Credibility is a function of interactivity. New research indicates that you should increase the amount of interactivity on your website if you want people to believe you.

Apparently, this study, which looked at how people are persuaded online, was completed at the University of Oklahoma. One website promoted liberal views, while the other promoted conservative ones. We analyzed various ways that people might act. By manipulating the amount of violent information on these sites, the researchers discovered that violence had a negative impact, inhibiting action on the part of visitors.

Intriguingly, researchers discovered that the level of interactivity was related to the strength of credibility manipulations. Essentially, the website became more credible when there was more interaction.

It is thought, therefore, that users are more likely to believe your website if they are able to interact with it in various ways.

So, how can you make your website more interactive?

By allowing people to comment on your blog posts and other web content, you can, for instance, encourage them to do so. It is common for sites to disable this so they don't have to deal with spam comments or hundreds of them. The problem with such a policy, however, is that it could undermine the credibility of the site.

Adding social interaction to your pages via the option to link to Twitter, for example, is another way to increase interactivity. Many sites miss out on social buttons, a highly sought-after method of interaction.

  • Are there forms on most of your pages?
  • Do you conduct polls and surveys?
  • Is there a "live chat" facility on your website?
  • Is it possible to guest post on your site?

It is very important to boost the amount of interaction on your website in order to raise your credibility as a business.

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Friday, April 29, 2022
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