eCoupon Marketing Strategies: Give Discounts to Get More!

Shoppers rarely expect to pay full price when buying products or services. With so many retailers now offering new customer Special Offers and eCoupons, you are likely to find an eCoupon that you can use on your next purchase.

To boost sales conversion rates and increase customer loyalty, retailers use eCoupons and Special Offers as a part of their marketing strategies.

Are you aware that more and more consumers expect eCoupons in addition to promotional messaging and product offerings? Retailers who do not offer these items risk losing out to competitors. Some reasons are:

  1. Nearly 90 percent of consumers use eCoupons.

    Customer loves to feel that they have received a good deal. A discount or incentive is reassuring, even if the final transaction isn't as profitable for the store.

  2. Redemption of eCoupons will exceed $90 billion by 2022.

    Nowadays, a lot of effort goes into making coupon redemption easier. Retailers strive to provide consumers with an excellent experience. This will help establish their reputation as trustworthy retailers.

    These numbers should continue to rise as user interfaces for mobile devices become more and more intuitive and consumers grow more comfortable using their phones for shopping on the go.

  3. A majority of shoppers would like eCoupons to be available more often. 

    I mean, who doesn't? A retailer who offers coupons has a better chance of seeing repeat business from customers who were traditionally expensive to acquire and have grown accustomed to receiving such discounts and privileged incentives.

  4. eCoupon emails generate 48% more revenue than regular emails.

    Using email as a means to deliver personalized content in a timely manner has become very effective. The marketing strategies that leverage even the simplest level of personalization, like suggesting content or products based on past browsing or purchase history, perform significantly better than generic messaging. If the recipient, offer, timing, and product mix are right, tying a coupon to such an offer can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the offer.

Thus, eCoupons are an attractive marketing tool. The use of such services in your marketing mix can build your customer list quickly and temporarily increase conversion rates. When the competition heats up or the expectations of consumers dictate it, coupons do a great job of supporting the provision of quality products and fair pricing.

Make sure you budget accordingly if you intend to tackle eCouponing since it can be a very costly, and unsustainable strategy. A smart eCoupon strategy and a quality product can build brand equity far more effectively than eCoupons alone.

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Friday, April 29, 2022
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