Ignore these Marketing Myths

Every industry has its own mythology, which if repeated enough times becomes reality. And marketing is no exception. Small businesses simply use these marketing myths as excuses for not marketing consistently. You need a solid marketing strategy to succeed.

Small businesses have a variety of ways to attract their ideal clients. Rather than believing these myths about marketing, develop a marketing plan that is practical for your business.

  • Myth #1: My target market is older, therefore social media won't work
  • Myth #2: Small businesses do not need a mobile website
  • Myth #3: Email marketing no longer works
  • Myth #4: My logo is my brand
  • Myth #5: My nephew can make my website
  • Myth #6: Great marketing works immediately
  • Myth #7: Changing messages frequently is essential for marketing effectiveness 
  • Myth #8: Marketing is the same as advertising
  • Myth #9: Lower prices encourage more people to purchase
  • Myth #10: Social media marketing and inbound marketing are free


Marketers are responsible for creating visibility for their businesses by educating prospects and customers about them, their products and services, and how they can solve a problem. All marketing activities are marketing activities. You must invest time, resources, and creativity in marketing. Doing more is not the answer. Your business needs the right marketing.

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Friday, March 25, 2022
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